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People that engage Life Coaches often have three things in common.

They are in some way dissatisfied with an aspect of their life or career.  It might be personal, work, a relationship, or the fact that they’re feverishly running on that proverbial “hamster wheel” and getting nowhere.  Hint, that hamster wheel…it’s not moving forward, only in circles.

They have fear or a limiting belief that is stopping them from taking action (I’m not good enough, people will criticize me, I might fail).  They may not always recognize it, but if fear and limiting beliefs were not part of their life, they would have already taken care of what's bugging them.

And finally, they are unsure.  They don’t know what to do.  They don’t trust their knowledge, wisdom and inner voice to lead them in the right direction.  And sometimes when the situation is truly overwhelming they can’t “see the forest for the trees”.  They’re too close.

The result?  Frustration and Paralysis.  What’s a person to do?

Well, let’s say you had a huge boulder in your front yard.  Every day you look out at this big, ugly boulder and wish it was gone.  It blocks the view of the beautiful flowers you planted.  Mowing and trimming around the boulder is problematic.  It’s truly a thorn in your side and it’s not going anywhere.  You think about it often.  You WANT to get rid of that boulder (frustration).  But how?  Every time you think about the process of moving it you feel fear (paralysis).  It will be too hard, how would I do it, what will my neighbors say?

I know you’re all thinking…GET SOME HELP!  And of course, you’d be right.   If the problem actually was a big ugly boulder in your front yard, you’d call someone to help you get it moved.  No brainer, right?

The same holds true for those figurative boulders in your life…dissatisfaction, fear, uncertainty.  

There is no reason to live in paralysis when you can reach out for help.  And when you have someone on your side supporting, encouraging, and helping you, the boulders in your life don’t seem so big and ugly after all.

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