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Think about some of the most memorable, popular and effective brands.  Apple, Mercedes, UPS, McDonalds.  What do these brands say to you?  If you’re like most people, when someone mentions Apple, you think innovation.  Mercedes—luxury.  UPS—fast, on-time delivery.  These brands create a promise and give the consumer an expectation.  If I choose this brand, I will get…..

Branding helps businesses know who they are and how they want to be perceived by the consumer.  It also helps define who they’re not.  McDonalds for example does not offer steak, wine, and table service.  It’s not who they are and when you see their brand you know that, without question.

Whether aware of it or not, you display a personal brand.  The question is whether you do it intentionally, or by default.  

Creating a strong and authentic personal brand requires you to understand deeply and completely who you are and be confident in showing it.    A believable brand demands truth and consistency.   Knowing your personal brand and living it every day builds credibility and trust with others.  There are no pretenses.   Your brand is a promise of what others can expect from you.  You “walk the talk” proudly. 

Remember that your personal brand is not a reflection of your past, your failures, or what others want you to be.   It’s all about who you are today and what you want to be known for—your reputation.  Think about it as the words you want others to use when they think of you, introduce you, see you and describe you.

What are the values, attributes, and characteristics that describe and define YOU?  To help you create your own personal brand, I’ve included two links.



Creating and living your unique personal brand every day tells the world that you are happy and confident being you.  And nothing is more freeing and liberating than that!

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