Thrive Consulting

By definition a consultant is someone who provides expert advice professionally.  By contrast a coach is someone who teaches and trains.  A consultant will impart knowledge and information about something.  A coach helps you learn how to apply that information and gain improvement.  These two activities should not be mutually exclusive.  They provide two different but equally important elements in the formula for improvement, achievement, and success. 

A consultant may help you uncover what’s wrong and what steps need to be taken to fix issues or problems.  A coach may help you execute those solutions effectively and efficiently.  Consulting is strategic and tactical identifying ways to help situations or conditions improve.  Coaching is personal helping people improve.

Consultants help businesses discover and understand the what.  Coaches mentor people and teach them the how.  One without the other can lead to running off in the wrong direction—or heading in the right direction without the necessary skills.  Either scenario can lead to poor results.

Don’t get shortchanged—engage with the right people that have the right skills and put your business and yourself on the road to success!

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