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In my line of work, I sometimes hear, “I can’t really spend the money”.


You’re trying to find a job to EARN money and beyond that you want a job that gives you some personal satisfaction, allows you to grow, accommodates your work/life balance needs, and more. That’s a tall order.

But you can’t spend the money to have someone help you? Maybe you don’t want it bad enough?

There’s no doubt that the entire job search process is hard and complicated today. As with most things in life, anything worth having is worth investing in and working toward. The ideal job is not going to fall into your lap. 

Iit’s a proverbial jungle out there!

  • BEWARE–Application Tracking Software is your worst nightmare, chewing up your resume before anyone ever sees it.
  • One page or two? Keywords!!! Objectives???
  • What do you mean I need to quantify my experience? No one cares WHAT you did. They want to know HOW YOU WELL you did it. That means numbers, measures, percentages…
  • Reduced staff in HR departments means hiring managers and recruiters are understaffed and have little time to really assess your qualifications. Are you getting your message across is six seconds? 
  • Did you know that LinkedIn is as an extension of your resume? Did you know that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn when evaluating a candidate?
  • Behavioral interview questions and the “tell me about yourself?” question, quite frankly, stumps many.

Looking for the right job IS a full-time job–a job you may not want to take on by yourself. Arm yourself with as much qualified help as you can get. Because in the end finding the right job is…..well…..priceless.

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