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You all want things to be perfect.  Guess what…they’re not.  Not now, not ever.  Perfection in any form is just another word for paralysis.  You analyze, over analyze, research, question, think, and overthink.  For businesses and professionals this can be catastrophic.

Problems exist, you’re stuck, don’t know what to do.  So you do nothing.  And what happens….NOTHING.  The problems remain or escalate into bigger problems.  

It’s time you learn that there is no perfect solution.  It’s time you embrace a little bit of managed risk—and faith.  Making smart decisions and moving forward in a way that makes sense involves relying on what you know (wisdom and experience), seeking out what you don’t know and being okay with “just enough” information.  Just enough is similar to the 80/20 rule.  You may have only eighty percent of the information you think you need but chasing after that other 20 percent will only prolong your problems.  Why?  

Because with that mentality you will NEVER be satisfied that you have enough information.  

What you are shooting for is “just enough” information to make an intelligent decision.  THEN ACT!  Actions taken based on a foundation, even if not perfect will yield good results.  No action=no results.   

  • Wishing will not work.

  • Hope is not a strategy.

Waiting for a perfect solution will leave you waiting for a VERY LONG TIME—at which point you may be too late.  Your business has failed, that job you wanted went to someone else, your best employee quit, your customers have found someone else to serve them.  I see this every day in every way.

Which way are you going? Don’t let your success slip away from you. TAKE ACTION!

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