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If you’re hanging on to something, how do you reach for something else?  Unless you have four hands, you can’t.  This is a concept that is very difficult for people to understand.  They give it a passing thought but don’t take time to REALLY think about how the “hanging on” might be impacting their life.

I was thinking about this last night.   How can I illustrate this concept so it's more visual—more concrete rather than just words?  Then I thought of my granddaughter Reese as she played on the monkey bars this past weekend.   And I realized it’s just like that!!

You start out with two hands on the same bar. You can't go any further unless you’re willing to "let go" with one hand while hanging on with the other.  So, you let go and reach for the bar a little further out in front of you.  That process continues until you get to the other side—your destination.  On the playground as in life you’re only able to move forward by letting go, a little at a time and reaching for something further ahead.

Sometimes while you’re crossing the monkey bars you fall off.  Maybe you went too fast, maybe you got distracted, maybe you tried to skip a bar and get to the other side faster.  This happened to Reese last year—she fell off and broke her arm.  Falling hurts.  But it’s a part of life—a part of learning—a part of growth.  The thing is, when you fall, you have to get back up and try again.  Reese was brave.  Her arm healed and she’s back on the monkey bars trying new things, hanging on AND letting go.  She knows that hanging on too tight and not trying new things takes away the fun of being at the playground.  

How are you enjoying the “playground of life”?
Are you letting go enough?
Are you reaching enough?
Do you get up after you fall?

Remaining stuck on the first bar with both hands holding on tightly might be safest route, but really, it's no fun and gets you nowhere.  So be brave!  Let go!  And reach for those things in life that you really want!

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