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Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have followed their passions, talents, and purpose. They want to do what they love every day. They have a service or product that they’re super excited to share with the world—they love it so they know you will love it too. 

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. Confined by “cube farms”, exhausted by office politics, and gasping for air at the lack of autonomy and empowerment that working for someone else demands, they set out on their own.

Their goal may be having the best pizzeria in town, the most fashionable boutique, or the most respected financial advisory firm. The entrepreneur is chasing their dream, whatever that may be. They chase this dream because it’s meaningful to them, it speaks to something in their soul, it aligns with their talents—and they are passionate about it. With plenty of talent and passion, a great product or service, and the drive to succeed, they open their door for business.

It’s a recipe for success…or is it?

Being the best gourmet cook on the block is not the same as running a restaurant. Having a green thumb with a yard that makes your neighbors envious is not the same thing as owning a landscaping business. And graduating from college with a degree in marketing is not the same as opening and running an ad agency. 

Operating a business and knowing the businesses products or services are two completely different things that require completely different skill sets. One requires passion, talent, and endless drive. The other requires skill in people management, marketing, accounting, records, documentation, efficiency, technology, writing, social media, networking, and influence…and this isn’t everything. Most entrepreneurs realize this the hard way.

The good news is that IF you are open to getting help, IF you don’t feel the need to be a “one man band”, IF you can be open-minded to the ideas of others, and IF you’re humble enough to realize that you don’t know what you don’t know then your dream might just make it.

In any business, the best, most effective, and success ensuring strategy for an owner or leader is to hire super smart people with diverse skill-sets and empower them to do their jobs The same applies to the solo entrepreneur--engage experts, coaches and mentors—and listen to them. Otherwise the passion and drive that gets you up in the morning will give way to the worries and concerns that keep you up at night.

If you’re talent and passion is to have a successful business so you can share your product and service with the world, don’t do it all by yourself. Find people with talents and passions different from your own to help you make your dream a reality. Remember, it takes a village.

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