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Parents, mentors, leaders, role models, teachers.  These are just some of the names you can put to someone that sets examples for others.  You might take on these roles without even knowing it.  Or if you do know, you might not give it the amount of forethought it deserves.

Parents, teachers and others who have a younger generation in their care spend much of their time talking.  You tell, direct, advise, preach, and lecture. You expect that when you talk kids will listen.  Same goes for leaders, managers, and supervisors.  They make rules and create processes.  They train and coach.   There’s usually a good blend of talking and written documentation such as policies and guidelines.  You expect this will keep the team in line and productive.  

Haha!  Not in real life.

Why is it that no one follows directions?   No one does what their told.  WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING!!  

No one is listening because what you DO speaks substantially louder than anything you could ever say.  Leading by example in every area of life and work is the surest path to parenting, teaching, managing and coaching success.

Want children to be good listeners?  Stop what you’re doing and look at them when they talk to you.  Want children that are tolerant and patient?  Stop yelling at the driver that cut you off in traffic.  Want children that take care of themselves?  Put down the bag of Cheetos and Coke and go for a walk.  Need your team to treat customers with care and respect?  Stop complaining about what a pain in the neck it is to serve them.  Expect collaboration when work is at its peak?  Stick around on Friday afternoon.

Human beings model what they see.  When you’re doing one thing and saying something different no one hears you—no matter how loudly you yell.

Everywhere there are people that want to be just like you…don’t let them down.

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