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You want to be AWESOME in 2017?  Of course you do!  Here are some ideas to help you get there.

Look Back. You can’t move forward with any perspective without evaluating where you’ve been. What’s happened this past year and more importantly, why?  How do you feel about it?  What should there be more of in the coming year?  What should you reduce or eliminate?  Lessons learned are eye-opening.  Tapping into where you’ve been and what you already know provides perspective and insight and this leads to smarter choices.

Slow Down. When you constantly rush through life (and who doesn’t) you risk losing perspective. When you move too fast you only get to see what’s directly in front of you.   You’re reactive rather than proactive.   If you slow down you can gain a wider more future-focused perspective.  Taking time to understand what’s ahead, foresee the roadblocks and plan accordingly leads to a more positive outcome.

Make a Change.  In order to get different results, something (or many things) will need to change. Recognizing and embracing the need for change is imperative.  If you want better results, doing the same things over and over will not get you there.  Better results require a change in strategy and actions.  At the same time, if you’re getting good results, repeating the same actions is no guarantee of continued success.  The world you live in is constantly changing.  When you can remain flexible, adapt your thinking and make tweaks to your plan you will ultimately find the most success.

Plan Your Attack.  Whether you call it goal setting, action planning, or resolution making, you need a concrete way to capture exactly what you want to accomplish and how you plan to accomplish it.

  • Document It—write down what you want to accomplish and the steps you will take.  This forces you to clarify what you want and helps you make decisions about how you spend your time.
  • Visualize It—know what the end result or outcome will look like.  Mentally this keeps you focused and gives you something to aim at.  If you can’t see your target you can’t hit it.
  • Track It—documenting your progress tells you whether things are working or not.  If they’re not working, then you have the opportunity to change what you’re doing.
  • Overcome It—anticipate your obstacles and the people that might hinder your progress.  This helps you get prepared to successfully address issues as they arise.

Celebrate the Little Wins.  Recognizing and celebrating successful steps along the way will improve your attitude, increase your focus, and keep you motivated. Building periodic benchmarks into your overall plan is an emotional booster.  Having to wait an entire year to celebrate a victory makes people give up on their goals because the end seems so far off.  When you celebrate along the way the goals feels much more attainable.

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