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Actual headlines I’ve read recently:

  • 20k to 25k over the next seven days.

  • 3 Fast and Easy Ways to Kick-Start the Growth of Your Business!

  • Thank you letters that land job offers.

  • Keywords can land that job.

  • How One Tiny Piece of Paper Can Make All the Difference for Your Productivity

Reading headlines like these could make you believe that being successful is just a click away. You might think that if you go read these articles and follow the fast and easy tips, BAM!, your business will grow, you’ll land that perfect job, and oh yea, you’ll be skinnier and more popular too.

Claims like these are everywhere. And we all want to believe them, myself included. We all want to believe there is a magic bullet to fix our problems. We want to believe that if we only knew the top secret formula that everything we want would suddenly come true.

I have just one question?  How old are you!???

Cinderella’s fairy godmother does not exist. The magic wand is fake and the pumpkin is just a pumpkin. You can rub that genie bottle all day long and the only thing it will get you is some odd looks and perhaps your co-worker calling security. And watch out for the guy on the white horse. He just might run you over.

Disappointing, I know.
Whether it’s life, love, work, or business, the thing about success is that you have to want it and want it bad. You have to acknowledge that it will not be easy or fast. Hard work, and sometimes doing things you don’t want to do (like actually asking for help), will be required.  You have to try, fail and then get up and try again. You have to be willing to stretch yourself, go without things you want like sleep, money, and your own way. You have to work harder and be more persistent that you ever thought you would.

Why? Because being successful is about paying your dues, putting in your time, and overcoming the obstacles that are in the way. It’s about learning, growing, pushing boundaries, and seeing what you’re made of. Success in anything is a hard fought battle full of adventure, hard work, compromises, sacrifices, twists and turns. There are no shortcuts.

The road to success is a journey that teaches us life lessons. It transforms us in ways we would never expect. It makes us stronger, smarter, and more resilient. Success is so much sweeter and gratifying when the road isn’t easy–when it isn’t just handed to us. When success is earned through hard work, dedication, and effort there is no greater feeling.

Stop searching for that quick fix, magic bullet, fast and easy way to get from here to there. Embrace the journey and see where your hard work will take you. Find out what you’re really made of. I know you can do it!

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