What is it you want?  What do you dream about?  Bigger house.  Better car.  More rewarding career.  A nicer wardrobe that’s a few sizes smaller.  Free time.  Long vacations.  Better relationships.  Impacting change in the world. Working less and playing more?

If there are things you really and truly want in life, why don’t you have them? Or at the very least, why aren’t you working like heck to get them? 

Is it because you don’t think you have what it takes.  Do you think you’re not talented enough, or smart enough, or brave enough, or deserving enough. Or maybe you worry that your friends and family won’t support you or they’ll think you’re crazy.

When we dream rather than do it really comes down to whether we want something bad enough. When we want something bad enough, we’re willing to make a real commitment to getting it and letting nothing stop us--not even our “not good enough” mentality.  But commitment is only the first step.  It also takes hard work and relentlessness to make dreams come true.  It takes patience, perseverance, and the ability to absorb setbacks and keep going.  It takes resilience in the face of criticism and skeptics. It takes staying focused on the end-game.  It takes really, really wanting something and believing in it with all your heart.

It takes being brave enough to pursue a future only you can see…and pursuing it unapologetically.  The truth is, we all have what it takes…even if we don’t realize it.

Here’s a stellar example.

peanut butter

Ruth Desmond, fondly called “The Peanut Butter Grandma” was a determined woman.  She was a tough farm wife with a 10th grade education. 

Her husband was diagnosed with cancer and through that ordeal Ruth started reading up on carcinogens in food, and the effects of additives and pesticide residue. She found studies that linked new chemical additives to cancer in lab animals. Ruth started wondering about the quality and safety standards of the food she was eating…and just who was in charge of making that call.

Ruth decided to call the FDA.  They told her ‘Well, if you're interested in this … why don't you attend this hearing we’re having on food additives?”  They FDA assumed that would be enough to deter her.  They were wrong.   

Ruth not only went to Washington, she spent years writing letters, making phone calls, forming a board of directors, and sitting through hundreds of hours of hearings.  Ruth battled the FDA. She fought for changes to legislation that would make our food safer.   Ruth never gave up and after 10 years and 100,000 pages of legislation--she won.  Ruth changed the way peanut better was produced and labeled.  And that changed the face of the food industry forever. 

Obviously, Ruth appeared ill equipped to tackle something of this magnitude.  The FDA certainly thought so. But that didn’t stop her.  What Ruth lacked in education or experience she made up for with determination, passion, and belief in what she was doing.  She wanted something…and she went after it.

Here’s the Astonishing Thing.  These qualities are available to all of us, every hour of every day without regard to money, education, social standing, or anything else.  We ARE good enough.  We DO have what it takes. And these truths will take us anywhere we want to go.