A paragraph about writing LinkedIn Summaries, bios, or About me pages. I would talk about how difficult it is to write about your self. I would also expand the easy process and how the clients truly love them. It would be a full paragraph and not something shortish. Below I would showcase examples of writings to give potential customers a good idea of what you can do. 

Jessica Henricksen
Assistant Director Institutional Retirement Plan Sales–Delivering Strategy, Growth, Retention, and Profitability

I have earned my place at the table through hard work, dedication, and a relentless passion for getting things done.  “I get things done.”  Four small words that accurately describe my work ethic.  When there are big problems, impossible challenges, or high-stakes clients, senior leadership calls on me.

As a natural problem solver, I thrive on meeting challenging business goals and exceeding expectations. I am the champion of taking on difficult assignments and accomplishing what others think can’t be done.  I have consistently lead efforts that produced outstanding growth, retention and profitability in the Institutional Retirement Plan Market. It’s not about how high we HAVE to take it to meet expectations, but how high CAN we take it.  But in the end it’s not about how much or how high.  What matters most is making a difference by contributed to something important.

My success has not been achieved alone.  Having a strong team has been a major factor every step of the way.  That’s why being a committed and engaged leader, coach, and mentor is a role I take seriously.  My leadership style is built on collaboration, respect, resilience in the face of obstacles, and pushing past boundaries to achieve results.  A team is only as strong as each individual member.  Teaching people how to not only help the company but help themselves is always a win-win.

To be successful in anything you must have passion and perseverance.  Passion for achieving increasingly higher goals. Passion for representing a quality brand that delivers on its promise. Passion for motivating others and helping solve problems.  Passion for creating a win-win for the customer. I always feel that I can do more and it’s my goal to continue pushing myself to higher levels of achievement—wherever that might take me.

Angie Gonzalez
515 Locksmith—Fast, Reliable and Locally Owned—Commercial, Residential, Automotive—We Help Keep You Safe!

With a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers my partner Hector Gonzalez and I founded 515 Locksmith.  We are locally owned and active in the small business community.  At 515 Locksmith our mission goes beyond locks and keys.  Our mission is to be available when and where we are needed and to help every customer feel safe and secure. 

  • Have you ever been locked out of your car?  At night?  Alone? 
  • Have you ever returned home to find the door unlocked? 
  • Have you ever accidentally locked your baby in the car? 
  • Did you just buy a new house and you’re now wondering how many of YOUR keys are in someone else’s possession? 
  • Did you have to terminate an employee but never got their key back?

These are the situations that our customers face every day. That’s why our services are critically important and necessary in today’s world.  We take our work seriously and get great satisfaction from a job well done. We take stressful situations and turn them into a satisfying customer experience by restoring safety and security.

Last Paragraph-Angie

When you call 515 Locksmith you talk to me. Not a recording.  Not a receptionist.  I am the face of the business and deal directly with our customers.  I make sure that every customer has a positive experience, understands the services and receives the fast and personal service we promise them. 

Last Paragraph-Hector

At 515 Locksmith I do the work myself so you can be confident that you’ve hired a trained professional.  With years of experience I can handle any lock situation that comes up.  I make sure that every job is done right the first time.  With 515 Locksmith you receive high quality, fast service at an affordable price.  That’s our promise.

Christy Wilson
Project Manager, Technical Adviser, Project Consultant

“Just say no” has never worked for me.  I come from a place of yes.  My willingness to take on any challenge has been noted as my most valuable attribute. “Yes, I can complete the project on time and in budget. Yes, I can take on an additional account. Yes, I will master the new software.” Taking on what others view as too much is when I am at my best.

I am highly driven and organized person with the ability to prioritize, plan and provide oversight of complex technical projects.  Successfully managing multiple simultaneous projects with many moving parts is the norm.  My expertise of the election marketplace, voting software and hardware allows me to connect the dots and help others make sense of complex information to keep projects on track—getting to the finish line on time and on budget. 

My work takes me to many cities, counties and states where I am constantly introduced to new people. My unique talent of relating to people on all levels and quickly building rapport has been a major contributor to my success.  I provide training to people at every level, from poll workers and machine technicians to software engineers so it’s important that I be viewed as a trusted and knowledgeable resource. My understanding of the customers’ needs has led to my contribution toward significant software enhancements.

I believe that no matter what you do, it all starts with a passion. Passion for helping others and solving problems. Passion for representing a quality brand that delivers on its promise and then some.  Passion for creating a win-win for the customer and the company.  

Val Vest
Product Marketing Director – Retirement

Growth happens when we aggressively strive to become better tomorrow than we are today. 

A good leader demonstrates courage, pushes beyond the status quo and embraces change to achieve excellence.  But it’s not a solo journey.  As a leader, I understand that setting a clear vision, providing a roadmap, and communicating clearly and often with my team is a key contributor to success. 

I have a broad and deep knowledge of the Retirement Product Market. I relentlessly seek effective and thorough market data to drive effective strategies.  My efforts have led to high levels of achievement in many areas including revenue, sponsor retention, client loyalty, asset retention, deferral rates and participation. 

Throughout my career, I have cultivated a set of differentiators that have driven my success:

  • Leadership—deep focus and dedication to those I serve and represent.
  • Customer-Centric—ability to understand needs and create products and services that benefit customers with the belief that the revenue will follow.
  • Strategy—demonstration of heads-up thinking to understand the pace of change and innovation in our industry and world; and having the ability to stop and ask thoughtful and difficult questions that generate conversation and debate about future needs.
  • Communication and Influence—understanding the importance of communication and cross-functional collaboration to create a corporate culture of cooperation and buy-in.

Product Knowledge and Brand Awareness—understanding innovation and change as it relates to brand strategy and product offerings that not only meet the client needs or solve problems but offerings that provide opportunities for our clients as well.

Contributing to something important by helping clients live well in their retirement is both gratifying and motivating.  It’s what keeps me moving forward with passion and purpose.


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