Career changes are scary. 

Being undervalued, overworked, frustrated or bored is scarier.

Finding a new job, changing careers, or trying to position yourself for promotions in today’s highly competitive job market causes most people anxiety and frustration.  A job search is also time consuming. 

Accurate, current, and helpful information is HARD to find on the internet because there is so much unreliable, outdated and truly bad advice out there.  

It’s our mission to tell your story, showcase your skills, and minimize any employment missteps.  We position you as a candidate of choice, helping you transition to that new role successfully and as quickly as possible.  We provide industry expertise and the most up-to-date, comprehensive services and tools possible.

    Job Search and Transition

    • Customized resumes
    • Cover letters that tell your story
    • Interview preparation
    • Networking tips
    • LinkedIn profiles that attract and engage recruiters
    • Negotiation assistance
    • Career and Personality Assessments

    Summary Writing

    • LinkedIn Summaries
    • About Me Pages
    • Bios

    Career Acceleration

    • Positioning yourself for promotion
    • Acquiring new skills
    • Finding Mentors and Champions
    • Networking 
    • Gaining credibility and visibility

    Professional Image and Communication Skills

    • Appearance and personal image–your personal and professional brand
    • Elevator pitch
    • Written and verbal communication 
    • Presentation skills
    • Body language and social skills
    • Social media savvy


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    still deciding?

    See if you can answer these questions?

    • How should my resume and cover letter look? Can I use a template?
    • How do I deal with Application Tracking Software (ATS) so my resume doesn’t get discarded? 
    • Is my image professional enough? 
    • How do I prepare for a phone interview? A video interview? A group Interview?
    • How important is LinkedIn and how will it help me find a job?
    • What questions can and should I ask in an interview? Which questions should I avoid?
    • How do I network effectively?

    Finding accurate, current, and helpful information on the internet is HARD because there is so much unreliable and truly bad advice out there.  It’s important to remember that not all resources are created equal.  



    “Debbie did a great job at building out my LinkedIn profile as well as developing my resume and cover letter. These tools are very critical in securing the interview. Debbie excelled at offering great advice and insight into the interview process. I really feel that working with Debbie gave me a definite competitive advantage in the interview process. I would definitely recommend working with Debbie to help get your job search on the right track.”
    — Brett Streeter, Finance and Compliance Professional

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