I hired Thrive Consulting to help me write a resume and update my LinkedIn profile. Being a business owner, I hadn’t needed a resume in ages, nor did I have the time to make one. After a quick conversation and a few questions, Debbie was able to nail my passion, values, and mission expertly and translate them professionally on paper. She truly has a talent in professional writing and I HIGHLY recommend her when you need to show your value. Not to mention, her website blogs will get your inspirational juices flowing. Work with Thrive, you won’t regret it!
— Colleen Kinsey, Owner, Kinseyco
I recommend Debbie Marshall for anyone looking for assistance with moving their career forward. Debbie went above and beyond to help me with my career search, resume, and networking. With Debbie’s help I was able to find the my new passion and re-energize my passion for what I do.
— Boris Dragojevic, Sales Manager, Aflac
This is a great service. Resume building and cover letter building are hard. Debbie not only built a professional resume for me but she helped flesh out my LinkedIn page and helped me understand what hiring managers are looking for. Thank you Debbie.
— Ethan Holdgrapher, IT Professional, Wells Fargo
Debbie is a great asset to have! She has the unique ability to take one’s experience/skills and package them in a way that I would not have been able to! She also has up to date tips on how to navigate through the challenging task of finding the right job, landing the interview, and nailing the interview. Like it or not, the job market and selling yourself has changed and this is one area that it is worth it to hire Debbie to help you! Thanks Debbie!
— Jill Leonard, Project Manager at Visiont
Debbie is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her for any and all resume, cover letter and training needs. My best experience, ever!
— Alicia Ruby, Marketing Director, Northeastern State University
I really enjoyed working with Debbie. She is did a great job at building out my LinkedIn profile as well as developing my resume and cover letter. These tools are very critical in securing the interview. The second part is doing well in the job interview. Once again Debbie excelled at offering great advice and insight into the interview process. I really feel that working with Debbie gave me a definite competitive advantage in the interview process. I would definitely recommend working with Debbie to help get your job search on the right track. Thank you for all of your great help.
— Brett Streeter, Finance and Compliance Professional Specializing in Financial Reporting and Anti-Money Laundering
Debbie was a great coach for me to help get my business off the ground. She helped me get everything setup and ready to execute on business MyITCareerCoach.com. Her experience and perspective made things easy for me to know the steps to get started. I would recommend her to anyone looking to launch a successful business.
— Tom Henricksen, Technology Leader, Speaker and Career Coach
I got the opportunity to work with Debbie while she was consulting and training in her temporary COO role at EDJE Technologies. She was asked to come in to help the company make some drastic changes to better improve the project processes, efficiency, company branding and advertising, and overall company environment. Debbie took the time to get to know all of the employees to fully understand what they did on a day-to-day basis and listen to what they felt needed to be changed that would allow them to be more successful in their position and be happier in their careers. She understands that making change isn’t always easy, but she has the best interest of the business and its employees in mind when making changes for everyone to be more successful. The business decisions that were being made had great impact on everyone involved and we could see the positivity that would be the result in the end. Debbie is a great asset to have for any business to learn from and have as a reference to use for ideas of how to go about positive change in the work place. We are grateful for the opportunity to get to work with her and wish she could have stayed longer!
— Carrie Horman, Sales and Marketing
Debbie has a unique ability to analyze a team’s performance and efficiency. We thought we had good teamwork but her straight forward approach really showed us that we were not functioning well as a team and as a company we could be more profitable if we improved this area. Her insight and ability to develop strategies helped us increase our efficiency and actually function as a true team. She was very passionate and committed to our success which increased our moral and started us on our path for continued future successes. Change is not always easy to implement especially with a large group of people and this is something Debbie truly excels at, I recommend her to any business or team that has a goal to increase their performance, efficiency and teamwork she will get you there!
— Jonina Searle, Graphic Designer
Debbie Marshall – is tremendously creative.  She utilizes this creativity to develop successful strategies.  She is a wonderful communicator and is a great teacher of these skills which she is continuously refining.  I think Debbie is visionary and believes in making the impossible – possible.  She has helped me and others reach their goals.  She motivates me to want to be better in all of my roles as mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter, co-worker etc.   She is one of those people who you want to know because she will help guide and lead you to a successful outcome no matter what your goal.
— Mary Ellen Pratt-Stanley, Relationship Manager, Principal Financial Group
Debbie did an exceptional job coaching me through the construction of my resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview preparation. The whole job application process has changed drastically in the past few years, and Debbie understands what it takes today to be successful in the job market. I used an out-placement service just a few years ago, but she made several suggestions that really enhanced my market appeal. Debbie is great to work with as well—she really cares about her clients, but she also gets down to business and does not waste your time or money. I’d highly recommend seeking Debbie’s counsel to job seekers at every level.
— Milt Milloy, Owner, Springboard Consulting and Capital
When Debbie came to EDJE as the temporary Operations Manager, it felt like a breath of fresh air. She implemented new policies and processes that helped us stay more organized and motivated, and therefore we were able to get much more done for our clients in a shorter amount of time.   I had no idea that in just a few months, everything could be turned around. She never stopped working to better the employees as well as the company as a whole. It was an amazing experience to work with someone as trustworthy, inspiring, and driven as Debbie Marshall; and the fact that she believed in all of us so much kept us all inspired.
— Samm Simmons, EDJE Technologies
Debbie is one of the most inspiring, level-headed, & focused individuals I have had the pleasure of ever working with. A caring, motivated, & forward thinking individual, Debbie has all the tools to assist clients on their journey toward success in both life and business. One of the best and you can count on that.
— Joshua Coburn, Motivational Speaker
Debbie is a great coach and mentor!   She is very passionate and committed to improving your professional and personal life.  Debbie helped me to become focused on where I want be and how I can achieve that goal.  She did an awesome job of helping me to gain the tools that I felt I was missing and fix what was holding me back from being where I want to be. I appreciate all that Debbie has done for me as it has given me a renewed sense of confidence in myself and my abilities.
— Lerynne West, Principal Financial Group
Debbie led a team-building retreat for our staff. She was lively, organized, easy to listen to and work with, and she used helpful resources and activities. The whole staff enjoyed working with her, and we will be a better team for it!
— Ann Naffier, Staff Attorney at Justice For Our Neighbors
Debbie is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. She is dedicated to getting results for her clients and her background provides a wide range of resources.
— Kristen Hall, Mediation Attorney
Debbie, was a great help finding me a new career. She did excellent work writing my resume, cover letter, and my linked in profile. She even looked out for jobs she thought would be a good fit for me and made sure I knew about them. I would not have succeeded without her.
— Ken Baird, Management and Accounting Professional
Since I had Debbie rewrite my resume and Linkedin profile, I have been referred on to more hiring managers and gotten more interviews for jobs I ACTUALLY wanted in the past three months than I have in the past 8 years! I can say thanks to Debbie and her professional know-how, I have finally gotten a career (not just a JOB) that I have been striving for! The only other point I can add is; if you are stuck in not getting inquiries and or interviews that you want and need then stop trying to do it yourself and get the professional help you need from Debbie!!
— Darren Jensen, Disaster Recovery Specialist
I experienced a significant growth in my business thanks to Debbie Marshall. She counseled me on proper resume structure and verbiage along with a LinkedIn profile that showcases my experience to brand me as an expert in my field. Debbie also provided guidance on strategies that led to a C Level position with the company I was targeting. Debbie’s insight, guidance and ongoing support have been a tremendous help in the business growth I’ve experienced.
— Josef Reed, CEO, Access Sentry
Debbie did such a great job volunteering to speak with the 51 youth of the Summer Youth Experience Program this summer. The information you provided about interviewing, communication and networking was critical. Thank you so much for volunteering on such short notice. You showed your expertise in career and interviewing management and we appreciate your assistance!
— Vanessa Howell, Des Moines Public Schools
I contacted Debbie when I started feeling the nudge to consider a new career. At our first meeting she encouraged me to focus on my strengths, abilities, and goals which helped me focus on what companies in the Des Moines area would be a fit. Her coaching during the search process and professional redesign of my resume made all the difference when I decided on the company I wanted to pursue. Debbie was a great resource during the interview process and eventual offer negotiation. I have been with Baker Group in Des Moines for just over a month and could not recommend Thrive any more highly. Thank you Debbie!
— Clint Evans, Strategic Brand Management, Baker Group
With Debbie Marshall’s help I landed a job that I absolutely love and my boss is very grateful to have me. We were able to purchase a new home with the extra income and I have learned many new things from my supportive and encouraging co-workers. I couldn’t have done it without Debbie.
— Sarah Ohms, Teacher
Count on Debbie to be compassionate but honest in her support because ultimately she wants her clients to succeed. Whether you want to put your best self forward to get that next great position, or you’re a business who wants to find the right candidate, Debbie puts her knowledge and passion toward finding the perfect fit. I have worked with Debbie in several organizations and found her insights, candor and feedback to be spot-on and helpful.
— Sherry Borzo, Historian
I want to let you know that I enjoyed the Class Tuesday evening. I just finished up the Supervisor Boot Camp for the City Of Des Moines yesterday, and I must say that class took 2 full days (1 last week, 1 this week) and I think it all could have been covered in 1 day. So good work, I’ve gotten more out of 2 hours with you than I did in those 2 full days. THANX...!
— City Inspector, Des Moines
Debbie Marshall has exceeded all of my expectations in all the areas she and her company provides. Debbie is a professional that understands what it takes to “Thrive” in today’s business world of managing people. Her training skills in the areas of presentation, relevant material, group interaction, and style are excellent and have been a huge benefit for my people and the company. Her HR skill has been a welcomed relief on being able to rely on her extensive knowledge and using her guidance on how to properly handle issues that we talk through. Having Thrive as a resource is a win-win situation for the company.
— Jim Snell, VP/Director of Operations, Blount Restaurant Management
Debbie did such a great job volunteering to speak with the 51 youth of the Summer Youth Experience Program this summer. The information you provided about interviewing, communication and networking was critical. Thank you so much for volunteering on such short notice. You showed your expertise in career and interviewing management and we appreciate your assistance!
— Vanessa Howell, Des Moines Public Schools